Anthropic (Anthropos-Man) Constants represent the design so easily apprehended when looking at the Universe. These five constants represent a mere fraction of the Anthropic Constants which number over 100. If any one of these were not precisely fine-tuned just the way they are, we would not be here!!

Here are five Anthropic Constants adapted from “I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist” Norman Geisler and Frank Turek.

  1. Oxygen Level
  2. Atmospheric Transparency
  3. Moon-Earth Gravitational Interaction
  4. Carbon Dioxide Level
  5. Gravity

Oxygen Level

Oxygen comprises 21% of the atmosphere, if the level moved to 25%, fires would erupt spontaneously. If it were 15%, human beings would suffocate.

Atmospheric Transparency

If the atmosphere were less transparent, not enough solar radiation would reach the earth’s surface. If it were more transparent, we would be bombarded with far too much solar radiation. (In addition to atmospheric transparency, the atmospheric composition of precise levels of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and ozone are in themselves anthropic constants)


Moon-Earth Gravitational Interaction

If the interaction were greater than it currently is, tidal effects on the oceans, atmosphere, and rotational period would be too severe. If it were less, orbital changes would cause climatic instabilities. In either event, life on earth would be impossible,


Carbon Dioxide Level

If the CO2 level were higher that it is now, a runaway greenhouse effect would develop (we’d all burn up). If the level were lower than it is now, plants would not be able to maintain efficient photosynthesis (we’d all suffocate)



If the gravitational force were altered by 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000001 (37 0’s) percent, our sun would not exist, and, therefore, neither would we.


The question.

Did these constants just happen by themselves?

What is your explanation?

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