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It seems that the basis for truth in our society is eroding away from facts and on to feelings.  If the foundation for what we hold to be true is based on a “feeling”, then I submit to you that we have no way of knowing any truth at all.  Maybe you “feel” differently about what I just said, but does that mean it’s not true? 

Maybe I “feel” you’re wrong and I’m right, but does that mean I am?  Lack of facts rooted in objective truth leads to discord and disorder.

Once you leave the realm of facts and wander into the realm of feelings, then anything goes.  Your feet will be firmly planted wherever your emotions take them.  This will have serious effects on our society and we’re seeing it already with transgenderism. 

I acknowledge that there are people who are truly confused about their gender and need help to sort out the issue.  This issue can become a slippery slope and lead to other problems, so how we attempt to help people who are hurting may make a big difference.


  Ask a Question

Can I suggest we take a respectful yet factual approach?  If someone is “transitioning” from one gender to another, it would be helpful to ask what does “transitioning” mean.  It seems that the word signifies movement from one thing to another.  It will also be helpful to ask them to define what they’re moving from and what they’re moving to.  And here’s where we may be able to help clarify their thinking and see the facts of the situation.

We cannot let trans-genderism lead to trans-truthism.

Definitions will be key to understanding the issue.  If someone is transitioning from a male or female gender to something else, it’s fair to ask what makes a gender male or female.  If their answer points to the biological, physiological, or genetic construct of a male or female then we’re talking about scientific facts, not feelings. 

Now, we can ask them what are they transitioning to.  If their answer does not include specific facts about the new gender, then we’re talking about feelings. In answering this question, we need to notice that their starting point (male or female) is rooted in objective fact, however their end point does not.  The question becomes: will their final destination (new gender) be rooted in fact?


Answer with facts

This needs to be pointed out because their feelings, no matter how strong, cannot change the scientific facts of the matter.  I think it is more loving to honestly and gently tell people the truth because facts don’t change, feelings do.  If facts matter at all, then we must try to bring our feelings in line with the facts, not the other way around.  Again, there is alot on the line if we trade facts for feelings.

The below video will better explain the ramifications:


Anthony Uvenio is one of the directors of New York Apologetics along with Nick Mitchell. He serves in his local church and seeks to equip people to engage the culture with the truth claims of Christianity.  

You can watch him debate an atheist here: DEBATE

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