Dear Atheist,


Whether you are an Atheist or a Theist, the Law of Non-Contradiction as explained in this segment of “Dear Atheist” should be of great concern to you with respect to the position you hold on the question of whether or not God exists.


Three Positions


Most of the atheists that I encounter would agree that there are at least three positions when answering the question of God’s existence.


The question: Does God exist?


Three Positions:

  1. Yes, God exists.
  2. No, God does not exist.
  3. I don’t know if God exists. (varying degrees)


The Law of Non-Contradiction removes one position as an answer.

 This Law of Non-Contradiction states that contrary statements cannot both be true in the same sense at the same time.  “A is B” and “A is not B” are mutually exclusive.


Logical Answers for both the Atheist and the Theist.

Because the question is either true or false, there are only two logical answers.


  1. Yes, God exists.
  2. No, God does not exist.

The “I don’t know if God exists” statement is not a valid answer to this question with regard to truth.

Either the statement is true, or the statement is false! There is no other possible answer.

You can plainly recognize that the Law of Non-Contradiction does not allow for Agnosticism or the ‘I don’t know if God exists claim’ as a valid answer.


Position vs. Answer

While one can hold the position of agnosticism or withhold answering the God question, one cannot assert agnosticism as a legitimate answer to the truth of the God question.


Conclusion : It is either true or false.

If you are an Atheist and think that you do not have to assert that God does not exist, think again. You have an opportunity to choose your answer to this question. Choose wisely.

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