Most skeptics will repeat the refrain that the bible is “full of errors” and “full of contradictions”.  These supposed errors and contradictions are what makes the bible unreliable and not to be taken seriously.

The bible therefore cannot be the word of God as Christians claim, and this throws uncertainty on the existence of God.

Ever hear anything like this?

                                                      So, Whattaya Do?


I like to ask questions, so I’d ask “how does an error in the bible conclude that God doesn’t exist?”

Now I don’t for a minute believe there are errors in the bible or that it contradicts itself, but if there was an error to be found, does it follow that God does not exist?

Finding an error in the bible and determining God doesn’t exist doesn’t follow anymore than finding an error in a book and determining an author does not exist.

The conclusion  simply doesn’t follow from the premise.

The bible does not claim to be a science book or an exhaustive encyclopedia of every fact in the universe.  It was written by 40 different people over 1500 years.  Their writings reflect diverse walks of life, variously different perspectives, and their distinct experiences with God.


This is exactly what you would expect from eyewitness testimony that was not the product of collusion.  If the testimonies of each of the authors sounded exactly the same, someone might conclude that they conspired together to get their story straight.

Furthermore, every supposed error or contradiction has been explained and refuted.  I would also like the skeptic to answer the question “does the bible contain any truth in it at all?”  If so, how do you know?


As we have gone over before, the bible has spelling errors, grammatical errors, word order errors, scribal errors, and the like.  Thankfully it also has the most manuscripts (over 24,000) of any document in antiquity such that we can know what the original says with certainty.

So, what exactly is the bible?  It is the testimony of Jesus the Messiah from the beginning of the universe to it’s eventual end.  It is His story, and it is inerrant in everything it teaches about life, faith, and Jesus.


So now you know Whattaya Do.  Thanks for asking.


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