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How many times have you heard someone dismiss the bible by saying “men wrote the bible”?  How could you possibly believe what some superstitious archaic caveman said about things that happened thousands of years ago, especially now that we have science which tells us what really happened?  And, men always make errors, and there are thousands of errors in the bible!  And, the writers of the bible were biased!

All of this somehow makes the bible untrue or unreliable.


Wow – that’s a lot of claims!  So, Whattaya Do?


Ask a question, or two, or three!  I would ask: aren’t all books written by man?  Do you not trust medical journals because they’re written by doctors who are men biased toward medicine?

And, since men make errors, could the people you read that criticize the bible have made errors about what the bible is and what the bible actually teaches?


The fact of the matter is that we have a preponderance of evidence that shows the writers of the New Testament were telling the truth.  There are ten extra-biblical sources that corroborate facts in the new testament as true.

In fact, we have more mentions of Jesus in these sources than of Tiberius Caesar!  No one doubts the facts of his existence, or his reign over Rome, yet somehow they doubts about Jesus’ existence and what he reigned over.

The Old Testament contains facts about history that archeologists continually refer to when piecing together the puzzle pieces of history.  Far from superstitious archaic cavemen, the various writers of the Old Testament show comprehension of the language, geography, and people of their time.

Their use of genealogies, geographic facts, and references to other ancient cultures makes it one of the best pieces of history we can refer to.


Furthermore, some of these men known as prophets tell us things about future events that no human person could ever possibly know.  There are over three hundred of these such statements about the coming Messiah, and Jesus has fulfilled over 100 of them!  For Him to fulfill just eight, statistically it would be like covering the state of Texas in silver dollars and asking someone to pick out the one marked with a X in one try!

Now, the bible wasn’t complied as a history or science book.  I was complied as the story of how God, through Jesus, restores everything that sin has ruined.  It has sold more copies than any other book in history and changed more lives for the better than anything else ever written.


Will you read it for yourself and see that what it says is true?

So, now you know Whattaya Do!  Thanks for asking…


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