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Atheism is not a worldview?


Recently on the New York Apologetics Twitter page, someone tweeted the statement that “Atheism is a worldview.” To my surprise an Atheist tweeted in response, that “Atheism is not a worldview.” It would seem to me that this atheist person was asserting that not believing in God is something that we theists came up with because we believe in God. In other words, unless there are those who believe in God, the position of not believing in God could not exist. Therefore Atheism is not a worldview, but simply the opposite of Theism.

If this were true, then I think it could be said that atheists are just simply unaware of the existence of God. So when an Atheist says that they don’t believe in God it is because they are unaware of His existence. I think that it would follow that if an atheist then took their unawareness of God to the point of making a definitive statement like “God does not exist”, they would then be making a truth claim.

Once a truth claim is made, such as in the case of an Atheist saying, “God does not exist” then that would be an assertion and rightly termed a worldview.

So, I think it is right to say that Atheism is a worldview.

Any worldview should have evidence to support it. As of today, I have not heard any logically sound argument justifying the worldview that God does not exist.

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