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Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins collide with a cart

Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins’ worldview collided with a cart yesterday, Descartes that is. Cogito ergo sum… I think therefore I am.  We’ve all probably heard Descartes statement before, and can agree that it’s one way to affirm our existence.  But is... read more

Determinism Falsified

Based on Darwinian evolution, our brains and bodies are just the product of time plus chance acting on matter.  Our brain reactions are nothing more than neurons firing governed by the laws of physics.  This makes our behaviors, decisions and desires not a matter of... read more

NY Minute Monday

One of the goals of Apologetics is to deal with the objections that people have regarding the existence of God.  Over the next several weeks, we will be listing some of these objections and the arguments that address each one.  The below article addresses the... read more

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Dr. Frank Turek and Dr. Michael Shermer – Debate – Morality ( God or Science) Starts about 32 minutes in.



Dr. Turek’s opening statement – 32:13

Dr. Shermer’s opening statement – 50:45

Cross examination period – 1:14:11

Q & A – 1:46:30


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