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New York Apologetics Academy is an online training center where you can learn to provide a rational defense for the truth claims of Christianity.

In order to begin New York Apologetics Academy, click on the getting started icon below. Once you are there, you will be able to watch the lesson, take a quiz and receive a grade. You will be able to do this for all of our modules. Check back often as we are continuously adding modules.

Click on the exam you would like to take and you will be brought to a page on which the test resides. All of our exams are multiple choice and the results are immediately displayed when you finish the last question and press the button that says, “Submit”.

New York Apologetics Academy is where you can test your knowledge in apologetics. Below you will find short sample multiple choice exams designed to increase your knowledge of Christian apologetics.

Sample Lesson

New York Apologetics Naturalism Exam

Sample Lesson

New York Apologetics Defining Evil Exam

Sample Lesson

New York Apologetics Defining Apologetics Exam

Joining the New York Apologetics Academy

If you enjoyed taking our sample tests here at New York Apologetics Academy, begin your training by clicking on the “Getting Started” image.

Once there, you will on your way to understanding Apologetics. If you have any questions or suggestions just visit our “Ask a Question” page and submit your question, thought or suggestion.

New York Apologetics Academy Getting Started
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