One of the strengths of the Christian worldview is it’s explanatory power.  From creation to the problem of evil, we can make sense of all of it within the paradigm called Christianity.  It’s not easy sometimes and it requires an understanding of God’s perspective, but it can be explained.

For instance, some people, even devout Christians, struggle with pain and suffering in this world and think that we don’t have a satisfactory answer for why God would allow such difficult things to happen.  Some go so fas as to say that no pain can come from the creator.  However, we do have an answer.  We can get a glimpse of it by observing nature, specifically in the shepherd to sheep relationship.  I saw this video below and think you’ll gain a better insight to why God might allow painful circumstances to occur in our lives.

Remember, the Lord is YOUR Shepherd.

More lessons from sheep! #lessonsforlife #lifeofashepherd

Posted by Ray Carman on Monday, February 1, 2016

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