Is The New Testament Good News Or Fake News? 


These days news comes from everywhere. Facebook, Twitter feeds and TV networks are packed with fake news. In a world where anyone can say or post anything how can we know what’s real and what’s fake?

Is there any evidence showing that the Good News isn’t   Fake News?

Let’s start with Jesus because if he didn’t exist Christianity becomes the greatest fake news of all time.  The first misconception many people have is that the Bible is the only source that mentions Jesus.


There are in fact 10 known Non-Christian writers that mention Jesus.

We have extra biblical testimony that matches the Jesus of the Bible.


Heres what some of it says:

  • Jesus lived during the time of Tiberius Caesar
  • Jesus lived a virtuous life
  • He was acclaimed to be the Messiah
  • He was crucified on the eve of the Jewish Passover
  • Darkness and an earthquake occurred when he died
  • His disciples denied the Roman gods and worshiped Jesus as God

We have extra biblical evidence that Jesus existed but is there evidence showing the New Testament was copied accurately. Most people can’t pass a sentence playing the game of Telephone.

How can we trust the New Testament copies are accurate?

To answer this let’s look at how many manuscripts or copies we have of the New Testament. In the Greek language, we have over 5700 copies. In fact, the New Testament has more manuscript copies than any ancient work. So if were going to say the New Testament isn’t accurate were would have to say the same for all ancient writings.

But is it true?

My kids have a book called the Muppets Take Manhattan this book has millions of copies and those copies are accurate but we know they’re not true. I haven’t seen Miss Piggy running around NY chasing Kermit the Frog.

Is there evidence showing the New Testament is true?

Let’s examine the evidence:

  • Most if not all of the NT documents are written prior to 70 AD about 40 years after the death of Jesus
  • 84 historically confirmed eyewitness details in the book of Acts
  • New Testament documents cite more than 30 people confirmed by secular sources of archeology
  • 10 known non Christian writers that mention Jesus within 150 years of his life

The evidence is overwhelming that the Bible is the Good News and not fake news. It shows that Jesus did exist, our bibles were copied accurately and what the scriptures attest is true.


Written by: Victor Feliciano

Victor is a member of New York Apologetics and also serves as a minister for Abundant Life Church Of God 


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