I’ve heard so many skeptics, atheists, and misinformed people say that the bible should be banned because of the horrific things it teaches.  They say that people use the bible to condone slavery, misogyny, and genocide.  This must stop so we must ban the bible!!  Yikes!


                                                          So, Whattaya Do?


Ask a question:  Should we ban all butcher knives if a few people use them to commit murder?

You see, the issue is not the bible or butcher knives – it’s people.  The bible doesn’t teach that slavery should be practiced, women should be mistreated, or that ethnic cleansing is recommended.  I also don’t see any current bible believing people campaigning for any of the issues I just mentioned.  However, there is no doubt that people can distort and twist the scriptures to justify some horrific behavior.  So the problem is not the bible, it’s people.


Using the logic of the atheist, if there have been occasions where people have committed murder with a butcher knife then we should ban all butcher knives!  But what about the multitudes of butchers who use the knives correctly and feed us big juicy steaks?  I’d hate to miss out on those steaks for the sake of a few misguided people that misused a butcher knife.  And what about all those B-rated horror flicks?  How will the people be murdered if not for the shiny butcher knife?  We may also have to ban cars since they cause lots of accidents too.


The Irony

The irony is that the bible teaches that man is broken beyond self repair and the only help comes from the book they want to ban.  It’s the bible that tells us we need outside help to fix us, and where to find it.  Banning the bible will only leave us with a bigger problem: broken people without a means of instruction.


So, now you know Whattaya Do.  Thanks for asking







Anthony Uvenio is one of the directors of New York Apologetics along with Nick Mitchell. He serves in his local church and seeks to equip people to engage the culture with the truth claims of Christianity.  You can watch him debate an atheist here: DEBATE

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